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Canine Knee Brace with Hinged Metal Splints ACL, MCL, CCL, Patella Injuries

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The Labra Canine Knee Brace is a simple, yet supportive canine knee brace. Has your dog suffered a knee injury? Is surgery not an option? Get your dog moving again with the Labra Canine Knee Brace.

Our knee brace has a rigid metal hinged splint support system which will provide a high level of support to your dog's knee while allowing them to remain mobile. Your dog needs to move in order to recover. Speed up the rehab process by supporting the knee and allowing for an active recovery.

These braces are designed to be worn during times of activity. They are not intended to be worn at all times or during times of rest. If your dog lies down while wearing the brace, it will likely lose tension and need to be repositioned prior to further use. 

*Note* Chest harness not included. You will need a standard chest harness to use this product. We do not currently offer chest harnesses but they can be purchased at most pet stores or department stores. Any standard chest harness with a leash clip will work.