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Lightweight Canine Hock Brace

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15 reviews

Our Lightweight Hock Brace is a neoprene compression wrap which provides stability and support to the rear hock joint without compromising flexibility.

As your dog ages, their joints will naturally deteriorate, just as they do in humans. Fight back against mobility limiting joint conditions such as arthritis with our Lightweight Hock Brace.


  • SIZING: Please see photos for sizing guide and chart. If the brace you ordered does not fit, please email us right away, we will replace it.
  • USE INSTRUCTIONS: Remove brace every 2-3 hours and at night to allow leg to "breathe"
  • JOINT CARE: Arthritis limits your dog’s mobility. Keep your dog active with the Labra hock brace
  • VET APPROVED: Our brace meets and exceeds the high expectations of certified veterinarians