About us

Hi there! 

My name is Noah, I am the founder and owner of Labra Co. We are a small business specializing in products that improve the quality of life of our best friends. Our family company was born out of necessity when my Chocolate Lab, Buddy suffered a debilitating hock joint injury. After searching unsuccessfully to find a brace that was supportive, yet flexible and lightweight I realized I would have to get creative. I had the first version of our Lightweight Canine Leg Brace custom made. After seeing immediate and outstanding results in my guy's mobility, I realized there must be other dogs out there in need of a similar product.

Since launching our Lightweight Canine Leg Brace, we have gone on to add many more great products for pups. I encourage you to browse our product catalog for a variety of items which have all been tested and approved by my very own best friend. 

That's our story, what's yours? We'd love to engage with you on social media. Swing on by our Facebook page to join the discussion. Oh, and be sure to follow us on Instagram to see our products in action! If you'd like to have your dog featured on our social media, just shoot me an email with your photo at noah@labradog.co. Talk to you soon!