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Soft Fleece Canine Support Sling

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2 reviews

Has your dog’s mobility been limited by an injury, arthritis, or old age? Help your best friend enjoy an active lifestyle again. The Labra Plush Canine Support Sling makes walking your dog easy and painless for both dog and human. This extra soft sling is comfortable for all dogs. Elderly dogs still need to maintain an active lifestyle and our sling allows them to do just that.

If your dog has suffered a debilitating injury, he or she will eventually need to get moving again to make a quick and full recovery. Our sling allows dogs to get a head start on their rehabilitation by getting up and moving around. During the rehab process, our sling provides the additional stability and support your dog needs to make a full recovery. Don’t let an ACL, CCL, MCL, or other joint or ligament injury keep your dog down. Many dogs are able to recover from ACL injuries without expensive surgeries, but they need additional support during the healing process to do so.