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Canine Front Leg Wrap with Metal Spring Supports

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3 reviews


    • SUPPORT ON DEMAND. Your dog will instantly feel more confident with the added support of this brace.
    • SO EASY TO USE. The stretchy top strap on this brace makes it easy to put on and take off
    • INTERNAL METAL SPRING SUPPORT SYSTEM. So much more than a simple leg sleeve. This brace has metal support springs sewn on either side of the leg for support.
    • THE PERFECT FIT IS EASY. The long, flexible top strap adjusts for the perfect fit. These braces will actually stay in place on your dog's leg!


    The Labra Canine Front Leg Wrap with Metal Spring Supports is the perfect solution if your dog is suffering from limited mobility. This neoprene compression wrap has metal support springs sewn inside the brace on either side of the leg. This provides extra stability and support to your dog's front legs without compromising flexibility. It can be used to help dogs heal from joint injuries. This wrap can also be used as a preventative measure for elderly dogs which are at a higher risk for injuries.

    Because the brace is made of strong, yet soft and flexible neoprene, the brace will always be comfortable on your dog's leg. Fight back against mobility limiting joint conditions such as arthritis with the Labra Canine Front Leg Wrap. As your dog ages, their joints will naturally deteriorate, just like they do in humans. This wrap is an easy to use, and more importantly, comfortable option for dogs that need a little help with stabilizing and supporting their front legs.