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Pet First Aid Kit

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The Labra Pet First Aid Kit is the perfect solution when your pet suffers an injury away from home. Don’t worry about your pet being injured on your next hike or walk. Stay prepared for emergencies with our lightweight and portable pet first aid kit. The Labra Pet First Aid Kit will even fit inside most dog backpacks!

Labra Pet First Aid Kit Includes:

• Scissors

• Tweezers

• Pet Brush

• Pair of Rubber Gloves

• 1x Triangle Bandage 53" X 38" X 38"

• 1x Non-woven Tape Roll

• 1x Woven Bandage Roll 14.5' X 2"

• 4x Antiseptic Cleaning Wipes

• 4x Alcohol Wipes

• 4x Cotton Swabs

• 4x Non-woven Pads 2" X 2"

• 4x Bandage Adhesive Strips